Gradient 96 Thermal Cycler Robocycler

Category: Laboratory & Medical Equipment
Part Number: 96
Manufacture: Stratagene
Inv. Number: 455
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Description: The RoboCycler temperature cycler is a microprocessor-controlled, fourblock The system has four anodized aluminum blocks (see Figure 1), each containing 96 precision-cut wells. The system is capable of holding microfuge tubes or polypropylene plates. The unique four-block design decreases cycling time by up to thirty percent and achieves well-to-well. Includes item as shown. temperature uniformity of 0.1C across the non-gradient hot blocks.1,2,3 The system is programmed via a keypad with a built-in beeper that alerts the user when a key selection has been recognized. Data is displayed in a liquid crystal display (LCD) (see Figure 2). Temperature and dwell time for each block can be programmed through four sequentially linked windows. &#9830; Blocks 1-3 can be programmed for temperatures between 25C and 99C. &#9830; Block 4, the cold block, can be programmed for a temperature range of 6-25C. &#9830; Dwell times range from 1 second to 99 minutes, 59 seconds. &#9830; Each window can be programmed to cycle up to 99 times. &#9830; Each group of four windows (i.e., one program) can be stored permanently in one of 99 program storage areas. Program information may be easily reviewed or retrieved through a user-friendly display interface. &#9830; Up to ten programs can be linked together to run sequentially. The Hot Top Assembly for the RoboCycler temperature cycler eliminates the need to add an oil overlay to thin-wall reaction tubes by maintaining a temperature that reduces the condensation formed in the tubes during temperature cycling (See Appendix I). If the temperature cycler is a gradient model,* Block 2, the special brass gradient block, can be programmed for a temperature gradient within the range of 45-99C with a well-to-well temperature uniformity of 0.25C.2 A linear temperature gradient is created by heating one end of the brass block and cooling the other end. For more information on the use of the gradient feature, see Appendix II. FEATURES OF THE ROBOCYCLER TEMPERATURE CYCLER Temperature Change Compensation The RoboCycler temperature cycler automatically compensates for temperature changes which can occur when most or all of the wells are used. For example, when the arm moves tubes from the cold block (Block 4) to the first hot block (Block 1) on the first cycle of the program, the temperature of Block 1 may drop by as much as 4C. The system compensates by pausing the countdown and waiting momentarily at Block 1 until this block reheats to within a degree of the set point. When the tubes move from Block 1 at, for example, 95C, to Block 2 at 54C, the temperature of Block 2 may rise as much as 3C. On the first cycle, the system will measure the temperature increase and adjust the set point accordingly for future cycles for that block, in this case decreasing the set point. Sample Cooling The thermoelectric Peltier cooling unit of Block 4 can be activated for preand post-run sample cooling. When a preheat sequence is started, the unit will begin cooling to the programmed temperature in the active window. If a time has been programmed for the cold block, the unit will continue cooling while running. Otherwise, the unit will shut off and begin cooling again with 30 minutes left in a program. When the program finishes, the block will be at or near the programmed temperature of Block 4 in Window 4. At the end of every program, the robotic arm will automatically place the tubes in the cold block, which will remain at the set temperature until turned off. Built-In Safeguards The RoboCycler temperature cycler is designed to conform to international safety specifications. It is equipped with an over-temperature cut-out device in each of the three hot blocks. If a fault occurs which might cause a heater to stay on, power is cut to the heater when it reaches a temperature of approximately 110C. The thermal cut-out device will then automatically reset itself at approximately 90C

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