Autoblot Micro Hybridization Oven

Category: Laboratory & Medical Equipment
Part Number: Cat. no. 7930-00110
Manufacture: Bellco Glass
Inv. Number: 432
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Description: Bellco Glass Autoblot Micro Hybridization Oven, The Bellco Autoblot Micro Hybridization Oven consists of an incubator with an integral rotisserie device. The rotisserie has the capacity for up to 4 large hybridization bottles or 8 small hybridization bottles. Alternatively, any combination of large or small bottles can be used. Hybridization in bottles is considered by many molecular biologists to be the best method of conducting hybridizations with Northern, Southern, Dot, Slot, or Colony blots, because the user only requires enough hybridization fluid to cover a very small proportion of the membrane at any one time. This results in a requirement for a much lower volume of hybridization fluid than any other system. The rotisserie ensures that the fluid continually moves over the membranes, coming into contact with all parts of them. Temperature is monitored and precisely controlled by a platinum RTD to within 0.5oC. The digital controller allows precise temperature setting (0.1oC). A fan within the oven ensures an even distribution of heat and thus a very accurate and precise temperature is achieved throughout the oven. The rotisserie is controlled by a separate ON/OFF switch and rotates at approximately 7.5 RPM. If the rotisserie becomes contaminated, it is easily removed from the oven for decontamination, as is the stainless steel drip tray at the base of the oven. This has the added benefit of allowing the oven to be used as a normal incubator when it is not required for hybridization. The Bellco Autoblot Micro Hybridization Oven contains an integral glass door which enables the user to check the experiment without disrupting the temperature within the oven. Features: PID Microprocessor Controller Independent Rotisserie Switch Tempered Glass Door Four Large Bottle Capacity Eight Small Bottle Capacity Stainless Steel Interior Stainless Steel Drip Pan Removable Rotisserie SPECIFICATIONS: Electrical Rating: 115V10 VAC, 60 Hz line voltage 6 amps @ 115V, 60 Hz power consumption Temperature Range: Ambient +5C to 99C Temp Uniformity: 0.5C Exterior Dimensions: 14 x 17 x 13 (35 x 42 x 32cm) Interior Dimensions: 7 x 15 x 8 (18 x 37 x 20cm) Interior Capacity: 0.5 cubic ft.

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